De Jerome Damey Foundation mede ondertekenaar van de Pledge #EveryChildAFamily

With this pledge, the supporting NGO’s declare that the family is the place where a child grows up. They call on other NGO’s, businesses, churches and schools to invest in family-centered care. Reception of children in orphanages is not one of them. We are proud to be one of more than 50 Dutch NGO’s that have signed this Promise. For the children who go to school with us, this means concretely that we will give these children a place in a family and where necessary we will support these families.

The basis for a child’s right to grow up in a family is set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the UN Guidelines on Alternative Care for Children.

The #EveryChildAFamily pledge is a follow-up to the #Stop Orphanage Internships pledge that Fontys Colleges signed in 2018. With this, the college indicated that it would no longer allow students to do internships in orphanages. The attachment problems that many children in orphanages face as a result of changing educators are amplified by the coming and going of interns. That is why Fontys University of Applied Sciences no longer allows interns to visit orphanages.

Initiators and signatories

The pledge #EveryChildAFamily is an initiative of three Dutch foundations: Peramiho Foundation (Tanzania), Friendship Foundation (Sri Lanka) and Stahili Foundation (Kenya) in collaboration with Better Care Network Netherlands (BCNN). Subsequently, a large and growing number of foundations have joined the initiative.

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