Our Mission

Our mission is to create better conditions for orphans and less fortunate children to grow up in and have a better childhood. Our aim is to support them through education and facilities that will bring them closer together and positively impact their development all the way to adolescence because we believe that the future belongs to them. We believe that in each of them lies a far-reaching potential. These children are the next world changers, and we want to give them a voice and to make them seen.

SDG Goals

The Jerome Damey Foundation has incorporated the sustainable development goals ‘No Poverty’ and ‘Quality Education’ as a foundation for its activities. 

The adult literacy rate in Guinea is 32% according to UNESCO. There is a big gap between the sexes with 43.64% males and 21.96% females receiving education.

The poverty rate in Guinea is over 55% and more than 24% of children under 5 years old suffer from stunting.


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