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What can you DO?

We need your help to reach our goal and take care of the Guinean orphans. What may seem like a small sum to many people can be enough to feed, clothe and send one child to school for a month. In addition to donating, you also need to spread awareness about our cause through social media from family and friends to increase the reach of our foundation. You are also welcome to buy some of our new launched face masks with traditional African designs, to protect you during this pandemic and support the children.

Donate via bank transfer

We would also be grateful for any amount donated via transfer. Any amount can make a great difference. Our bank details are as follows :
IBAN: NL 95 INGB 0006 3703 37
You can also donate via this form below! 


Attention: A small amount of your donation might be deducted as a service fee from the provider.


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Wil je eerst meer informatie over het project, neem dan gerust contact met ons op via of via onze social media
kanalen Instagram : jeromedameyfoundation

Facebook: Stichting Jerome Damey

Sponsor a child

The Jerome Damey Foundation, together with the Boma neighborhood team and the Red Cross N’Zérékoré, has set up a project to sponsor orphans so that they can go to school.

A child can go to school for € 15 per month.

With this you give a child:
  • Breakfast and a warm meal.
  • Modern teaching materials, such as books, exercise books, pens, etc.
  • 2 uniforms and 2 pairs of shoes.
  • Medical care.
  • The teacher’s salary is included.

If you want to sponsor one of these children, please fill in the form below and we will contact you for more information