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Elementary school Marja Urbach

In 2022, the first building will be completely completed: elementary school Marja Urbach. Here the children learn basic skills such as writing and reading. With 12 classrooms, 173 children, a modern toilet unit with 4 flushing toilets (2 for boys and 2 for girls) and an administration, this school is now running at full capacity. It is a great place where the young children can bond and spend their time in the morning and afternoon. Thus, we are planning another building to offer secondary education as well. This is the next step we want to take to ensure that the children have a full educational experience that they can use to work in different fields here in Guinea or even beyond. Our heart behind this is to give them the opportunities to reach their full potential and fight through the difficult circumstances that life has thrown in front of them.


Waterpump 2016

We worked to install a water pump in the village so that the children and neighbors can have clean and safe drinking water. They no longer have to take a dangerous two-hour route outside the village to get water, but can now enjoy it from inside the village through a shared pump that goes 60 meters deep into the ground and provides access to fresh water. This well has been a project that required a lot of team effort, but its impact has been a real blessing to the entire community.


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