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The Jerome Damey foundation was established in early 2014 and we strive to provide orphans and underprivileged children in Guinea with education, food and shelter. We have been able to build a school with 8 classrooms. We currently care for 117 children. Our mission is to expand our services and give as many children as possible a chance. Our school currently offers primary education and these children have little or no opportunity to attend secondary school. That is why we aim to expand our current school to also offer secondary education. To make this expansion possible, we need your help and support.


Jerome Damey and the founders

The Jerome Damey Foundation was established on 2 January 2014 in memory of Jerome Damey. Jerome Damey was a brother of Lamko Geenacker-Damey, one of the founders of the foundation. Jerome grew up in the vicinity of Nzérékoré in Guinea and came into contact at an early age with the distressing poverty and hopelessness of a large part of the population. He was very concerned about the fate of the people around him and especially of the many orphans. He intended to give them a better future offering them free education. Unfortunately, shortly after his graduation, Jerome passed away at the age of 24. Living from his thoughts and her own experiences, Lamko established the foundation together with her husband Gerard Geenacker. Out of respect and tribute to Jerome, his name is attached to the foundation. In Guinea, a parallel foundation has been established with the same name: Jerome Damey fondation. This foundation is made up of residents of Guinea. They indicate what they need for the children of Guinea in N’Zérékoré.

Board members

Erik Schuphof

Ruben Koole

Gerard Geenacker

Sjirk Sietsma
General boardmember


Lotte Ekkebus

Sterre Ekkebus

Joseph en Martine Kamano

Sherri Nerri

Jan Nijmeijer

Beatrice Geenacker

Rene van Dijk

Lamko Geenacker


Nathalie Nede

Billy de Maanzo

Sheila Shukla


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